5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in SEO For Your Business

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SEO has not only become essential for businesses, but it is also among the best investments that business owners can make.

Did you know leads generated through SEO convert at an average of 14.6% compared to the 1.7% of traditional outbound advertising?

And with 93% of online experiences starting at a search engine, the majority of your audience are using major search engines like Google to find a business just like yours.

You can compare SEO to investing money into your company. This investment will increase in value as time goes by. When you invest in SEO you are creating value over the long-term for your site, which will increase with time.

If you still aren’t ready to tap into the proven ROI that comes with SEO, these 5 reasons should convince you:

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  1. SEO Works
  2. This is one of the more straightforward reasons, and it is true.

    Currently, Google is processing around 3.5 billion searches every day. With these types of search volumes, there is no argument that ranking in the search results of Google provides extremely valuable opportunities to drive more traffic and visitors to your company website.

    This is essential as traffic translates into leads and these leads then convert into sales.

    When you invest in SEO and you increase your overall rankings in Google, this will result in sending a lot more traffic directly to your website. Again, more traffic means more leads. And more leads can result in more sales.

  3. Mobile SEO is the Future
  4. Today, people no longer have to be in the office or at home to search for something online.

    With mobile searches that have now surpassed desktops, there are a lot more people that conduct their research while on the move.

    This is the ideal opportunity for smaller companies, as this usually means people are busy conducting searches for products or services as they need them. This also means they are ready to buy.

    For instance, let’s use the example of a person that is away on a business-related trip and they are in your area. They decide they would like a cup of coffee. All that is needed from their side is to type “coffee shop near me” into their mobile browser and they will be directed to the closest local results.

    For a local coffee shop, this provides the chance to rank well in their specific area over bigger names. This will mean that people are not only able to find what they want online, but they are also able to find the location in real-time on foot.

    Did you know that 80% of local searches convert?

    Marketing specialists at Max Funding say, “As a small business, you rely on the support of the local community. Word of mouth alone is great, but it’s not enough. By optimising your site, you can improve your local SEO rankings. This can lead to a spike in clicks, calls and traffic and it brings you an amazing result. They add, “when you invest in local SEO, you make sure your company is on the radar for people using their phones to look for local products and services.”

  5. SEO Creates Credibility
  6. What do you usually do when you are thinking about buying something in-store or online? Most people will first research the product or service.

    Many of the web users, in fact as much as 80% in certain studies, look past the paid ads and would rather focus on the organic types of search results.

    What this ultimately means is that when a person is researching a particular service or product, they will be more likely to visit your website when your company ranks high in a Google organic search result.

    Also, to rank higher up on a Google search result, your site must feature relevant content, which assists with driving sales as soon as a person clicks on the link to your website.

    When you rank highly with Google it means that searchers and Google regard your site as relevant. This also builds authority and trust for your company. It will provide consumers with a positive feeling when it comes to your business well before they even begin searching around the site.

    SEO can also impact more traditional channels with a proven marketing plan often the prerequisite for a small business loan. Having a solid marketing plan is an important consideration when providing a loan to a business or start-up. SEO is a critical channel that must be invested in carefully. As part of a successful marketing strategy, your SEO can impact your businesses’ ability to grow beyond the digital sphere.

  7. Take Your Competitor’s Traffic
  8. SEO is a continuous process, which means the more you can invest in it, the better it becomes. This is a positive thing on a variety of levels.

    If you are already ranking high in the search results this is excellent, yet it also means you have to carry on investing in SEO so that you can stay there.

    With so much competition waiting to take your spot, your competitors will also start investing in SEO. If you don’t and they do, they will start outranking you.

    But the inverse applies too. You can target the same keywords your competition use and take their traffic and rankings.

    When you invest in a solid SEO strategy, and you start using clever tactics, you might be able to outrank your competitors along with attracting more visitors to your site.

    Ranking in the first position is a race that never ends to a finish line, and the competitors that have trained the hardest or run the fastest are going to arrive there first.

  9. SEO Is Here to Stay
  10. In previous years, consumers would find out about products and services through print ads or advertisements on either television or the radio. They also used to make a buying decision in-store or look for a service provider in a phone book.

    While there are a few people that would prefer to return to these simpler days, this will never happen in reality.

    Online searching and shopping will not only continue, but it will also carry on evolving and growing, which means SEO will also carry on changing. It is vital to invest now so that your business is prepared for success over the future years.

    With a predicted spend of $80 billion in SEO in 2020, it’s clear the industry shows no signs of slowing down.

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