My News Feed promises Logan City residents will still get their local news

The continuing pressure from the Australian federal government has led social media giant Facebook to block users from receiving news via the platform, including some government organisations pages.

But My News Feed Editor Scott Mayman says it won’t deter the local Logan City and Scenic Rim news provider to continue servicing the region through their web publication and radio station bulletins.

“We are in a strong position with My News Feed, radio and our community platforms to continue local news content, and we encourage our area councils, community groups and associations to keep that direct approach with us.”

Madeline Grace Rebel FM and MyNewsFeed Journalist says Facebook’s announcement won’t change the way she works, nor the way MyNewsFeed and Rebel FM function.

“I’m a local journalist living in Logan City who is committed to providing free local news to Logan City locals,” Miss Grace said. “I’m out and about every day in the community interviewing locals and taking pictures, and I don’t plan to stop this practice. The way I gather, interview, and write news won’t change.”

Miss Grace says Facebook has come out and made a risky move which essentially means they don’t value news written and sourced by local paid journalists who have had relevant training and follow strict editorial guidelines.

“Facebook’s decision shows they want to block verified news and government authorities, and instead keep circulating fake news and local gossip. I will still be out in the community finding and delivering local news for Logan City locals through our website and our Rebel FM and The Breeze news bulletins every day.”

My News Feed is a local news provider that provides locals with the latest news, in a fair and balanced way.

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