Have you been looking around for the best return on investment for your advertising dollar?

This means that you reach more people with your spend (reach) and more people hear your message more often (frequency).
Reach and frequency are two of the most important factors in advertising. If your customers don’t keep hearing your message over and over again, they are unlikely to think of you when it comes time to buy.

Think about it: Not everyone is ready to use your services or buy your products right now. Infact only 2% of people are hot, 8% are warm and 90% of all people that hear your message are not at all interested. That’s why you need to look at a mix of long term and short term campaigns.

Think about big, successful companies advertising campaigns.They are front and centre ALL THE TIME. They invest in awareness campaigns and call to action (CTA) campaigns and use a mix of advertising.

“But I can’t afford to spend that sort of money on my campaign.”

That’s fine. We use the same principles in our 7 Steps to More Customers campaign which helps you work through all the tools and all the advertising plans, so we get you in front of your customers AT A PRICE YOU CAN AFFORD.

Now is the time to get started. Our consultation and planning meeting is just 30 minutes of your time and is free. So lets get working now and help you start making money.

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