When you’re looking to experience Australian country life at it’s most authentic, look no further than Beaudesert. Located less than an hour south-west of Brisbane, along the Mt Lindsey Highway, Beaudesert is a gateway to some of our nation’s finest rural experiences.

More than 6,000 people live in Beaudesert, a town that sources income from it’s rural way of life including cropping, equine activities and grazing. Agriculture is a big part of the town’s strong economy but construction, public administration, health care and education also play an important part. Tourism is also a growing industry for the town with highlights including its famous showgrounds (home to the annual Beaudesert Show), Beaudesert Historial Museum and Beaudesert Community Arts Centre.

Beaudesert might offer a quiet lifestyle, but it’s still a town that continues to evolve each year. Recent developments include two residential areas (Brayford Estate and Tullamore Downs), and the bypass of the town centre off the Mount Lindesay Highway (open from September 2017). The bypass has both helped reduce heavy traffic in the area while also helping to revitalize Beaudesert.

Beudesert is an authentic, true blue Australian town built on friendly people, local businesses, and the genuine Australian way of life. That’s never been more desirable than in 2018. In fact, forecasts predict that the population could double within the next twenty years so make sure you explore Beaudesert while you still have a chance.


The population of Beaudesert is 13,915 and the median age is a few years older than the national average. The median age is 42 years compared to the average Australian median age of 38.


The Beaudesert region is primarily agriculture with dairy and beef cattle farming and education the biggest employers in the region, 57.7% of all people work full time with professionals making up over 22% of the workforce.


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