Two neighboring towns in upper western New South Wales, Bourke and Brewarrina are rich in both Australian history and the traditional outback lifestyle. In fact, it’s hard to find anywhere more quintessentially rural than these two towns.

Many pass through Bourke while travelling to or from Queensland, so it’s become an impressive tourist spot over time. It’s easy to spend time in the area exploring the historical buildings or even going on a few mud map tours. Previously an important port on the Darling River, Bourke is particularly a highlight for history buffs. Nearly 2,000 locals live in Bourke, working primarily within the education and local government sectors.

There’s a wide variety of employment opportunities in Bourke for those seeking a change in life. From customer service and hospitality to teachers, nurses and so much more, Bourke can easily provide a well needed sea change for many. There’s also opportunities to develop new businesses in the area.

Brewarrina is a town that’s most famous for it’s ancient stone fisheries which are considered to be the oldest man-made structures on the planet! Fishing is still a highlight of the area with the Brewarrina Weir being a particular favourite for cod, catfish, beam and more. Just over 1,000 people live in Brewarinna, many work in the local government, education and hospital industries.

Bourke and Brewarrina are quiet towns but with open opportunities for many. Don’t pass up a chance to check in and see what they might hold just for you.


4,002 people make up the population of Bourke, with males making up 50.5% of the population and females making up 49.5%. Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people made up 41.3% of the population. .


The average age of people living in Bourke is 35 years with children under 14 years making up 23.2% of the population and people aged 65 years and over making up 12.6% of the population.


The most common mode of transport to work for employed people in Bourke is by car, as the driver or as passenger.