Brisbane might get the funky nickname, but everybody knows Australias true glitter strip is the Gold Coast. Its Queenslands tourist hotspot for a reason: because it always promises fun, excitement and a good dosage of adventure. From the golden beaches to the thrilling rollercoasters, its nearly impossible not to have a great time on the Gold Coast!

For a city that hosts ten-million tourists each year, the Gold Coast is still home to nearly friendly 600,000 locals. Its perhaps not surprising that the Gold Coasts primary industry is tourism, but the area is now starting to diversify with steadily growing industries like marine biology, information technology and film production (recent films produced in the area including the massively popular Thor: Ragnarok and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales).

The Gold Coast also promotes a number of major annual events including the Gold Coast 600, Schoolies and multiple music festivals, but the biggest is still yet to come… the 2018 Commonwealth Games. All eyes will be on the Gold Coast this April, and it will undoubtedly be a prosperous time for local businesses too. The Games have also encouraged further developments in the area from an extended tramline to brand new event venues. Outside of the Games, the Southport PDA Development Scheme has transformed the suburb into a booming highlight of the CBD.

The Gold Coast is a city that continues build year after year, and it͛s never been a more exciting place to visit than now. As the Gold Coast proudly looks out towards the future, you won͛t want to miss being part of it.


The Dirranbandi population includes 640 people with 52.6% of the population male and 47.7% female. The average age of people living in Dirranbandi is 45 years old. Children aged 14 and under make up 18.7% of the population with people aged 65 years and over make up 15.2% of the population.


The largest industry of employment is beef cattle farming, followed by cotton growing, hospitals (except psychiatric hospitals) and grain-sheep or grain-beef cattle farming.


In Dirranbandi the most common method of transport to work is by car, as the driver or as passenger.