Julia Creek

They’re two small towns on the same piece of highway, only separated by about 90 minutes apart. They both have their unique qualities and yet they also both offer friendly locals, some incredible sights, fascinating heritage and so many reasons to visit… they are Richmond and Julia Creek, and they both reside in Flinders Highway.

Many call Richmond an oasis in the outback, and holds just over 500 welcoming people. It’s most significant industries include local government, beef cattle farming, road freight transport, grocery retail and road construction.

Richmond is also home to some of Australia’s only marine fossils, with both fossil hunting sites and one of Australia’s best fossil museums! There’s also plenty of heritage buildings, and if you’re just looking to relax, the Lake Fred Tritton is the perfect spot for water sports.

Julia Creek, known as the gateway to the gulf, is also home to slightly over 500 friendly faces, predominately working in the beef cattle farming, local government, road construction, education and electrical service industries. Julia Creek is also significant for it’s farming and mining industries, with the BHP Billiton mine located in Cannington just nearby. Although life is often quiet in Julia Creek, there are regular developments including refurbishment of the Julia Creek Airport.

Julia Creek also holds the annual Dirt n Dust Festival each April, which is a tourist highlight for many. It’s also home to the critically endangered Julia Creek Dunnart.

When you’re travelling along the Flinders Highway, don’t forget to check out both Richmond and Julia Creek. You’re bound to discover something special in both of these two small towns.


Julia Creek has a population of 511 people. 51.1% of the population are male and 48.9% are female. The average age of people living in Julia Creek is 41 years. Children aged 14 years and under make up 18.9% of the population with people aged 65 years and over make up 13.5% of the population.


The largest employment industry in Julia Creek is beef cattle farming, followed by local government administration, road and bridge construction.


In Julia Creek the most common method of travel to work for employed people is by car, as the driver or passenger.