Almost exactly halfway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast sits the industrious city of Logan. Placed on the centre of a massive transport corridor, Logan is a city that’s focused almost entirely on building, manufacturing and construction. Yet it still also has a place for both relaxation and excitement, filled equally with adventure and beauty.

Home to over 300,000 locals, Logan’s current established economic base consists of manufacturing, real estate services, construction and retail. However, there’s also emerging new industries cropping up including transport, food manufacturing and health care. Logan is an efficient city and due to its location also has access to a wide variety of domestic and global markets.

New developments are common in Logan including the Logan Enhancement Project which is upgrading the Logan and Gateway Extension Motorways, the Logan Reserve General Planning Layout and even a recent branch of Griffith University focusing on health, research and education.

It’s not ‘all work and no play’ in Logan though. The Logan Entertainment Centre offers a great line up of live performances all year round. There’s plenty of shopping opportunities, local breweries and even Buddhist retreats that all call Logan home. The city has many opportunities for outdoor fun with over 900 parks, dirt bike and go kart tracks, Logan is a vibrant city that will always keep you busy!


Logan has a population of 303,386 and it’s pretty even males to females. 49.4 % of people are male and 50.6% female. It s family orientated city too with kids under 14 making up 22.6% of the Logan population.


The largest employer in the Logan area is the hospital industry followed by supermarkets and grocery stores, road freight transport and primary education.


Driving to work in a car as a driver or passenger is the most common mode of transport for the employed population of Logan.