Although it’s mostly known for flash and excitement, the Gold Coast has a secret… Just near by, way up above, lies a quieter and more peaceful way of life. They call it Tamborine Mountain, the green behind the gold. It’s a place where you can stop, take a breath, and breathe in the clean mountain air. It’s a land of tranquil rainforests, outstanding views and diverse native wildlife. It’s almost a dream.

Just over 7,000 lucky souls call Tamborine Mountain home, but many more come to visit each year. Tamborine Mountain offers a quieter version of the tourism industry, with a combination of award winning art galleries, highly acclaimed restaurants and inspiring walking trails. There’s also a vast range of culinary delights from delicious local fudge to the freshest homegrown produce. Tamborine Mountain hosts a variety of accommodation options including homely cottages to upmarket hotels. The most popular industries within the area included cafes and restaurants, accommodation and education.

Although Tamborine Mountain prefers the quiet life, it’s still a town that evolves. Their current major project is the Main Street Medians, which is the creation of a new series of community spaces within the area. This will help revitalize the Main Street precinct to encourage an even stronger community atmosphere.

It’s not difficult to see why so many adore Tamborine Mountain. It’s a place a where people come to begin new lives and get married, while many others relocate here for retirement. Quite simply, Tamborine Mountain is home to life’s most magical moments.


7,506 people make up the population of Tamborine Mountain, with males making up 48.1% of the population and females making up 51.9% of the population. The average age of people living in Tamborine Mountain is 50 years, 12 years older than the national average of 38 years.


In Tamborine Mountain, the most common occupations include professionals, followed by managers, technicians and trade workers and community and personal service workers.


The most common method of transport to work for employed people in Tamborine Mountain is by car, as the driver or as passenger.