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We're kicking goals with the 35+ demo
Rebel FM delivers up a strong 35-64 age demographic, with some of the best rock music from around the world and Australia. The biggest songs and artists from Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Bowie and Iron Maiden to some of the big modern music monsters like the Foo Fighters, Stone Sour, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Muse. Add in some Indie Cool, Bloc Party, the Strokes, Radiohead and more music specials than MTV in 1989 and Rebel truly is a real music station for real rock music fans.

Shows that resonate with our audience
Our on air programs, like Ash and the Crew's Breakfast Show, are designed to reach Jake and Jane living in suburban Australia, with two and a half kids, 2 cars including the work ute and love nothing more than getting together with family and friends at the weekend to celebrate their sports team win around the family barbecue.  
Dave Holleran Drives Ya Home weekdays on the Rebel and brings you the best two-fers, countdowns, artist interviews and daily music polls.  Sunday nights, Davo introduces us to the latest home grown talent with music from some of our best new artists just starting out.
Weeknights, our programs are delivered direct from the Nevada desert with rock superstar Alice Cooper on air from 6pm-11pm Monday to Friday with Nights With Alice Cooper.  Saturday nights from 6pm-8pm Brian Basher’s Hard Rock Nights starts the Saturday wind down with the biggest chart rock hits from around the world.
Brooksy and JD’s introduce the latest rock tracks every Saturday night from 8pm to the 25+ demographic as we ramp up the new stuff, mixed with some solid classic rock to get any backyard party moving. 

Reaching tradies at home at at work
If you’re looking to target the tradie market, the mining market or the over 35 age demographic, share 55% male, 45% female, talk to us about taking your brand direct to a potential audience of over 200 000 people across Queensland and New South Wales.
Rebel FM is the local commercial radio station in 33 towns across Queensland and 4 in New South Wales

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