OMG another workshop and it’s FREE!

OMG another workshop and it’s FREE!

Do you know why it’s free?

The information is going to blow your mind and like most business owners you are too busy running your business to implement more than one of the ideas you get.

So why spend a whole day learning everything only to implement NOTHING.

Sound familiar?

We’ve all done. Wasted a whole day. If your hourly rate is $100 and you’re away for 8 hours including travelling time, you’ve just invested in what? $800 to learn how to make a social media graphic with CANVA.

IT’s time business owners and managers got real and realised that these seminars and workshops are just glorified marketing pushes to get you to take the next step and that is to spend $1000’s of dollars investing in more.. more ..more. And if it hasn’t caught your attention yet, most of these seminars are all about marketing your business, getting in touch with all those new digital marketing concepts and why YOU should be using them in your business.

These seminars are great if you want to learn how to set up your Facebook page, insert a pixel, build your own landing page, retarget your customers or even manage your own organic SEO, but none of them really deal with the basic fundamentals of advertising.

We’re backing to dressing up the problems we face in business with shiny new baubles and not fixing the foundation problems.

These seminars are the modern-day GET RICH SCHEME. And we know how that works don’t we? It works for 0.001% of the business population.

You can dress a cactus up like a Christmas tree is you want but the prickly problem is always going to be there until you get rid of the prickles first. Everyone wants to bring in customers fast but that isn’t going to happen unless you lay the foundations first.

But most business people don’t want to pay the money or do the work to get their foundations solid. They just want to get rich quick. That’s why 4 out of 5 businesses in Australia FAIL in their first five years.

if you are going to pay someone to do it for you and most new business owners don’t have the necessary capital. Building the foundations of your advertising and marketing campaign isn’t easy work either and that’s why we all jump forward to the easy bit.

If you want to bring in more customers, make more sales, you need to get the basic structure in place and solid before you waste money on advertising.

First, you need basic business tools;

  1. Retail space
  2. website
  3. Facebook
  4. Instagram (depending on your business)
  5. Google my business page

Then you need to understand your customer demographics and you need to know what is it that makes you different (or better than) to your competitors. That’s your unique selling proposition. Once you know that you can start your 7 step plan to advertise your business and bring in more customers.

At Rebel Connect, we work alongside business people to build the basic business tools, understand their customers and build a 7 step advertising plan to bring in more customers and more sales. We build the plan to your timeline and your budget and we’re there every step of the way. We’ve been in business for over 25 years and we use the 7 Steps to More Customers with our own business.

Take back the time to do the things that are really important in life and leave the rest to us.

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