Roll up.  Roll Up, here’s another “get rich quick’ scheme coming to your news feed!

Roll up. Roll Up, here’s another “get rich quick’ scheme coming to your news feed!

We spend on average nearly two and a half hours on social media each day. That’s a whopping 17 and a half hours each week. Nearly a full day. So it is little wonder that business marketers are targeting social media news feeds to bring in the big bucks.

We all love to be inspired and that's why we’re suckers for the Gary Vee’s, the Grant Cardone’s, Richard Branson’s and the Tony Robbins of this world. We sit in anticipation of their next mind-blowing statement and watch as the comments come rolling in

We love you Gary

Right on

10X it

Pick me, pick me

But how many of these followers will actually get rich or happy on the back of these inspirational business leaders?

We’re all looking for get rich quick schemes and it’s no different to the miracle remedies being peddled in the late 19th century at local carnivals and town fairs.


If it was so easy to make a billion dollars, don’t you think everyone would be doing it? We want to be sold the dream of fast cars, big houses, international travel and even your own private plane, but realistically how many people get it or in fact make it happen? Social Media is full of stories of millennials who have created an app or a filter and become an instant millionaire. These stories sell but it’s no different to the success of people like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or Richard Branson over the past 50 plus years. They are just a handful of people who are in the right place at the right time. They have come up with an idea, worked it and it has made them billions

Now we are seeing the rise of motivational leaders who get rich on the back of a dream. Yours.

If 10 000 people go to a Grant Cardone seminar each year, one person may convert from small business to really, big business but what most people are missing, is that Grant Cardone is making $20 000 000 from it. He is the product, the brand and he is rolling in it. What about the 9,999 people who take home the workbook, buy the books and still go back to doing business the way they have always done it.

Why can’t we all be like our social media inspirations?

For most of us it is all too difficult. We are out there every day, working in and on our business, 24/7. There’s neither the time or money to invest in moving to the next level. We are like 2-year-old children. We want it and we want it now. Not many people want to put the work in, they just want the dream. Even those businesses that are prepared to work and work hard, still struggle with the basics of business planning and marketing to achieve financial success without the constant support and that support doesn’t come cheap.

Business people need mentors and coaches, but we need mentors that are available to us when we need them, not just on social media. Your house is only as strong as the foundation.

Build the foundation of a successful business and then go tell the world!

Cheryl Jowitt is the co-owner of Rebel Connect, a company that helps businesses build a strong foundation, teaches the basic principles of marketing in the 21st century and them helps them to grow their business over the long term.

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