Top 5 Tips for Working Efficiently from Home

Top 5 Tips for Working Efficiently from Home

Working remotely has seen a huge surge in popularity over the past 10 years with the number of people working remotely at least once per week growing by 400% since 2010. Over one year between 2017 and 2018, telecommuting increased by 22%. In fact 99% of people when surveyed said that they would choose to work remotely at least part time, for the rest of their working life. (Hubspot)

Working from home has shown that it can be invaluable to increasing your productivity if you approach it with the right attitude. With fewer distractions in a home office you can maximise the use of your time and increase your results by having a disciplined approach to your work day.

So whether you work from home through choice or necessity here’s 5 of our top work from home rules to help you maintain your productivity and help you meet your KPIs.

  1. Get Up and get ready for work at the same time each day
  2. The most important rule of working from home is to make sure you get up everyday as though you are commuting to an office. A structured routine allows you to focus your mindset to "I'm going to work" as opposed to "I'm staying at home".

  3. Get dressed ready for a day in the office
  4. Make sure you always get dressed in your work attire. If you wear a button up shirt to the office you usually should continue to do it at home and the same applies if you wear a uniform. If you’re tempted to stay in your pj’s you might be tempted to crawl back under the doona for a quick catch up nap!

  5. Have a dedicated space for work
  6. It is imperative that you have a dedicated office space you can go to, this helps you separate work from personal life and be able to "clock off" at the end of the day and leave work at work. If you don't have a garage or spare room to use find a space you can dedicate to your work environment (such as a dining room, alcove etc)

    DO NOT sit in a bedroom or a couch and make sure that any televisions remain off for the duration of your work day.

  7. Take your scheduled breaks
  8. Take your scheduled breaks at the same time you would normally in the office. If you have a lunch break from 12 - 12:30 then maintain that routine as the consistency helps to keep you in work mode. Try to avoid procrastinations as it can be easy to slip into "taking 5" from the computer and start surfing the net, checking social media or even playing a game on your phone. Instead if you need to take five minutes away from the computer turn the screen off, get your notepad out and make 5 phone calls instead (this practise is a great way to fill your prospect call quota). Often when you work from home you find you have a lot of extra time that isn't filled with chats at the coffee machine, office chit chat and friendly colleague banter that normally takes up valuable working time.

  9. Learn self discipline
  10. Lastly it is up to you to remain strictly self disciplined if you are to work from home effectively, if you find yourself wavering then you need to find ways to help keep you on track such as a diary or calendar with a checklist of all the tasks you need to accomplish daily such as prospecting, client contact, proposals, follow up calls and other administration requirements, Once they are done, check them off the list. If you need to remember to water the plants, put it on the list!

    It’s also important to share your new ‘work from home role’ with your family. You need to make sure that they know not to disturb you too unless it’s an emergency and that they are suitably occupied until ‘knock off time’, If you are finding that your family needs your attention, it’s usually because you have given in before and they know that constant needling will get them what they want. Sit down with your family and explain the change in your work conditions and set down the rules openly with them and make sure you put it in writing.

    At the end of the first week, hold a debrief with your manager to make sure that they are happy with the outcomes of your work from home position. Take on board suggestions for improvement and offer solutions to any problems encountered during the week. Working from home is not for everyone, but the more open you are to it in the current circumstance, the more valuable you are as an employee.

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