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Grabbing your customer’s attention is like getting a kid to eat his greens when you’re standing in the middle of a candy store.

It’s virtually impossible.

Nowadays you’ve got to be bigger, brighter and have more money than your competitors. Or do you? Today’s copywriters or content writers almost need a degree in psychology to understand what makes people tick and how to make them buy. If you are still rolling out the tired copy cliches in your advertising your message will be buried, deep in the rubbish tip of marketing messages.

We’ve all seen the billboards stacked 2 metres by 6 metres full of beautiful photos and a thousand words that no one driving at 100 kilometres an hour is ever going to be able to appreciate. If you’re one of the few people still reading magazines and newspapers you’ve probably come across one of those ads that try to sell you every benefit of the product in the space allocated to a playing card. Listening to the radio? I’ll give you a dollar for every customer that wants to tell the world about their friendly staff and how many products and services they specialise in.

Sound familiar? Your customers today and more clued up than ever before. Before they even get to you, they’ve done their research, they know what they want, they know the best price, so what’s left for you to do?

You need to know how your product or service is going to ‘change’ your customer’s life.

You don’t sell childcare as a bright, fun, happy place, you sell the benefits of a more relaxed parent who has more time to spend with their child at the weekend. You sell quality family time.

You don’t a lawn mowing service, you sell the extra time the man of the house, has to kick back and watch the cricket at the weekend while the neighbours are slaving away on the lawn mower in their front yard.

Stop selling the benefits and start selling the dream.

Rebel Digital’s psychologists can’t tell you how to get the kids to stop gaming or how to do the housework, but they can help you with some great content ideas to market your business online and on radio.

Our social media strategists (content psychologists!) work with you to sell the dream to your customers and get results for you using social media advertising on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn or using traditional advertising like radio (depending on your customer).

Our advertising packages include concept and content writing, so if you just want to get on doing what you do best, now’s the time to contact us for a free business marketing consultation.

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