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Bairnsdale Heating & Fireplace

Social Media Marketing
Target Market: Home owners within 50 kilometres of the store, males and females 30+, groups/audience following meat/barbeque related social pages, people interested in outdoor cooking/living, camping groups, caravaners.
Time Frame:
Product: Social Media Marketing
Radio Station:
Campaign Type: Social Media Marketing

People started rocking up at 8:45, some stayed for hours. We sold 3 heaters within the first 10 mins…
There were over 60 individuals with about 40 for the first draw. The winner was a young gentleman named Harry. He was so happy; the photo I uploaded to Facebook on the day is a photo of his dad and friends, he was too shy to be In the photo.
Pretty much every single person who came, purchased a rub or sauce which meant the shop was FLAT OUT, I can’t believe how many rubs & sauces we sold, what a hit the taste tests were! People were buying two, then going outside, having some more meat and coming back in to buy more rubs and sauces. Some people spent hundreds on just rubs!
Started cooking at 7 but prepped from 5:30. Luke arrived at 9am and we had sausages ready by 9.30am.
Pork sausages in several flavours (what a hit) these were bought as back up meat in case we didn’t have enough, lol they were the first thing to go!!, skinless sausage, chicken pieces, chipotles, roast pork leg (AND OMG HOW AMAZING WAS THAT) and beef jerky. There was no food left over and didn’t last 5 minutes past cooking.
Each of the two draws had 2 consolation draws of a free pick of a rub or sauce. The second draw wasn’t as well attended(earlier next time), by this point there was no food left & people had started to head home, the lovely lady who won is named Pauline and she was over the moon, her son has a smoker and they’ve been coming in for a while now getting rubs etc.
I’ll send some photos through to your mobile. Unfortunately I was so busy in the shop, I didn’t get many photos at all, not only did I not get many photos I actually missed out on 90% of the meat because we were so busy, no complaints on being busy, but it would’ve loved to try more. I had half a sausage and 2 bits of roast pork LOL
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— Bairnsdale Heating & Fireplace


Social Media Marketing with Rebel Agency over a 4 week period concentrating on the sale. Increase reach and engagement by posting details of the sales into various social media groups and tagging relevant supplier businesses. Creating a Facebook event and promoting organically.


Campaign Objectives

1. Create awareness for their annual BBQ & Smoker Cook Off and meat rubs
2. Promote specials for the sales event
3. Increase normal Saturday sales

Insights and Solutions

1. Inclement weather would affect the campaign and decrease destination traffic
2. Reliance on organic marketing only (No paid media for the event)


Forecast was not looking good, wind wasn’t going to be high but there was a good chance of rain. On that day, beautiful sunshine, I couldn’t have asked for a better winter day.

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