A success story

Mount Nathan Winery

Digital & Radio campaign
Target Market: Families and female-led over 30’s
Time Frame: 2 years
Product: Digital & Radio campaign
Radio Station: The Breeze
Campaign Type: Radio / Website / Facebook, Google targeted ads

“Oh my goodness, they are fantastic!

We love them so much.

We can increase April’s budget!”

(In response to the new Facebook targeted ads that have gone live this week)

— Mount Nathan Winery


Increase local awareness of the winery through radio campaign & E-commerce website creation (year 1); rebrand the venue and its hiring potential through targeted Facebook ads and separate radio campaign (year 2).


Campaign Objectives

Created a radio campaign on The Breeze to raise awareness in year 1, E-Commerce website created and looking amazing. Moved from ‘branding and awareness’ to more proactive remarking and targeting customers through SEM.

Insights and Solutions

1. Increase awareness and visitors to the winery
2. Create new E-commerce website to improve branding & provide a ‘classy’ online platform
3. Increase enquiries and launch venue hire concept (year 2)
4. Move towards competing with Mt Tamborine wineries with Mount Nathan’s own individuality – setting them apart


Clients delighted with the first year’s branding and awareness campaign – signed up for a second year on The Breeze and a year of targeted Facebook & Google ads to launch the rebranding of the venue and increase awareness & sales. Very happy clients.

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