Success of My News Feed

In the first month of its operation, over 10,000 people have made their first choice for Logan Local News.

My News Feed has seen a spike in users aged 25-34 that wouldn’t normally engage with traditional print media. This demographic accounts for 25% of users to the website, while 86% of all users of My News Feed are aged 25-64.

Content and Features Coordinator Jessica Arellano, Editor Scott Mayman, and Group Digital Manager Kylie Freeman.

Group Digital Manager Kylie Freeman, Editor Scott Mayman, and Content and Features Coordinator Jessica Arellano.

Analytics also show that 75% of all users are accessing the site from the My News Feed Facebook page, with the most popular days early in the week.

Group General Manager, Cheryl Jowitt, says this is the first time that a local commercial radio station has made this investment into local news in the City.

“What we’re seeing is a huge uptake for free local news in Logan and the desire for people under 55 to stay up to date with what is happening in their city,” Ms Jowitt said.

“My News Feed is also supported with local news bulletins for Logan on Logan’s local radio stations Rebel 90.5 FM and the Breeze 92.1 FM.

Ms Jowitt also says the My News Feed initiative has been a positive step for advertisers too.

“Online advertising on My News Feed is different from traditional newspapers as it takes away the guesswork on how many people are reading the paper and whether or not they are engaging with the advertisement,” Ms Jowitt said.

My News Feed editor, Scott Mayman says it’s refreshing to be working with a local company which is a family-owned business, not a conglomerate.

“They’ve given our dedicated team of journalists the opportunity to get out and meet locals, community leaders and business operators, which is something that mainstream media can’t afford to do anymore.

“These locals have some very good positive stories to tell and we want to share those stories with readers.”

For more information contact Scott Mayman, Editor at My News Feed on 07 566 566 00 or My News Feed is a division of Rebel Connect P/L and is affiliated with Rebel Radio Network PL in Queensland.

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