Childers is undergoing considerable growth as it continues to act as a major economic centre in the Wide Bay-Burnett area. Sustained by years of success within the sugar cane industry, Childers now combines tourism with its surrounding agriculture of sugar cane, avocadoes and macadamia nuts.

300 local growers supply sugarcane to the Isis Central Sugar Mill, which crushes over 1.4 million tonnes of sugar cane in a season. The locally owned mill has an annual turnover in excess of $90, 000, 000 and produces over 200,000 tonnes of raw sugar in a season, which is then marketed domestically and exported via Queensland Sugar LTD. Isis Central Sugar Mill also produces sugar cane into molasses and even electricity (made from renewable sugarcane bagasse) for their commercial partner AGL.

While the sugar cane industry continues to boom, the area’s culinary reputation is growing. With four wineries dotted throughout the area and its production of foods like avocados and macadamia nuts increasing, Childers has not just generated serious economic growth but also established a strong tourism appeal.

The local council has capitalised on the rapid tourism growth, after the town was classified as a National Trust Town. Visitors flock to Childers to explore the many heritage-listed sites and enjoy the local harvested cuisine. It is no surprise that the median weekly rent in the area has increased by $50 over the last five years, as people make the move to Childers as employment opportunities continue to rise.

With the proposal of a solar farm on the outskirts of Childers, it is expected that the area will see a rise in employment opportunities and considerable economic growth over the next few years.


Childers has a population of 1,584 people. Childers has a nearly equal amount of males and females making up the population. The median age of people living in Childers is 51 years, a dramatic difference to the Australian average age of 38 years.


The largest industry employer is secondary education, followed by other fruit and tree nut growing, takeaway food services and sugar manufacturing.


63.5% of employed people living in Childers prefer to travel to work by car, as the driver or as a passenger.