One of Queensland’s newer cities, originally settled in 1924 and lying just 200 kilometres West from Bundaberg City, is Monto. It’s a town with a rich agricultural centre (based on cattle grazing, dairying, pig production and cropping) and just as rich cultural experiences.

Home to just over 1,000 locals, Monto’s primary industries are aged care, secondary education, beef cattle farming, local government administration and accommodation. Tourism is also a growing industry within the region attracting families and anyone just looking for a change of pace.

Must visits include the Cania Dam and Cania Gorge National Park, which features the incredible sandstone cliffs and wildlife including rock wallabys, bettong, platypus and more. Monto’s current major project is the revitalization of their CBD, including repairs and upgrades of their main street.

Monto is also surrounded by a variety of small communities like Abercorn, Bancfoft and Mulgildie. Each one has its unique history and all offer so much for visitors. Mulgildie is particularly notable for the legendary Mulgildie Bunyip sculpture and a Bunyip Festival in November.

Monto might be considered a quaint country town, but it has a lot to offer for those willing to seek it out. Whether you’re up for exploring or relaxing, Monto has just what you need.


Monto has a population of 3,827 with 51.4% of the population male and 48.6% female. The median age of people living in Monto is 48. Children (0-14) make up 18.4% of the population with people aged 65 years and over making up 25.1% of the population.


The largest industry of employment is beef cattle farming, followed by local government administration, aged care residential services and gold ore mining.


In Monto, the most common mode of transport to work is by car as the driver or as passenger.