Terms and Conditions

Rebel Radio Network (RRN) Radio & Rebel Agency Digital Bookings

Terms and Conditions of Booking

Rebel Radio Network PL and Rebel Connect PL (Trading as Rebel Agency) and its associated companies are not responsible for any action or claim made against the company or its directors or employees resulting from this advertising campaign. Rebel Radio Network PL will attempt to broadcast commercials as ordered but will not accept liability for misplacement, error, omission or failure to broadcast any advertising material including action or omission by the broadcaster.


  1. Website bookings ONLY: First months’ advertising must be paid in advance (prior to commencing campaign) by credit card or direct debit.
  2. Website bookings will be invoiced on receipt of booking confirmation and will be issued every 30 days thereafter.
  3. A 7 day credit policy applies to all bookings (Digital and Radio) unless paying by credit card or direct debit.
  4. If the preferred date for direct debit is not selected, payment will be taken 7 days from the date of invoicing.
  5. Radio Advertising: Invoicing commences from the date of the 1st day of airtime.
  6. If payment is not received within 31 days of invoicing a $25 late payment fee may be applied monthly until the account is nil balance.
  7. Debt collection charges totalling 12% of outstanding amounts are recoverable if sent to external debt collectors.
  8. Some packages may only be available for direct debit payment (please refer to the conditions of bookings for each package)


  1. A one month cancellation period is applied to all booking with the exception of Multi Product (Big Brand Makeover Packages, Rockstr Packages and One Day Sale Radio Campaigns)
  2. Before a booking can be cancelled, payment of the account must be up to date
  3. Some bookings have non-cancellable periods so please check all conditions of sale packages. This applies to the ONE DAY SALE package, RockStr and BIG BRAND MAKEOVER PACKAGES which attract a considerable discount.
  4. Some package bookings like the ONE DAY SALE package, RockStr and BIG BRAND MAKEOVER PACKAGES must be used over consecutive months. No advertising holidays are permitted.
  5. Advertising must start within 3 calendar months from the date of booking
  6. Any unused commercials on contracts must be used within 30 days of the end of the contract or cancellation date or will otherwise be forfeited.
  7. Cancellation notifications must be made in writing to accounts@rebelconnect.com.au or your account manager and are subject to 30 days advance notice.
  8. If the contract is cancelled prior to start of broadcast date 50% of the first month’s invoiced amount will be payable to cover copywriting, production and administrative fees.
  9. If a contract is delayed for more than 30 days from the agreed start date a fee of 15% of the total month’s billing will be charged in addition to the month’s package price to cover administration fees. This applies each time a contract is delayed.

Production and creative charges

  1. Production fees do apply to this booking but are included in the total package price. If not otherwise stated, you will be entitled to creative writing and production of 1 new radio commercial each 2 calendar months during your campaign.
  2. Multi voice commercials or production requiring character voices will attract additional fees. (Please refer to rates)
  3. Once scripts have been approved, additional charges will apply if changes are made after a commercial has been produced. Contra or barter bookings attract a $110 cash fee for each commercial produced which must be paid prior to the start of the campaign.


By agreeing below, the Parties hereby enter into a binding services agreement with one another.